As with anything else these days,
If you feel sick, are sick, or have been around someone who has been sick, please don't race or come watch the race until you are healthy or sure you don't have anything. Please practice social distancing. Masks are required for individuals not racing if you cannot social distance yourself from others not in your family or household.  Racers do not have to wear a mask or face covering while they are racing.  Again, each racer and spectator is responsible for their own well-being.  The Cane Creek Cup, Racing in the Woods, Inc., its host parks and its sponsors are not responsible for the spread of any type of virus.  


If you don't want to sign a paper waiver, then register online up to 10 pm the day before each race date. If you sign-up at the race, then we will have hand sanitizer available at the table with waivers and number plates. Please sanitize your hands before you use the pen and paper. You will still need to come get your number plate even if you sign up online.


We will start one category at a time in the starting zone.  There will be at least 3 staging zones (more will be added if needed) where riders can assemble before they are called up to the starting zone.  No more than 50 riders are allowed in each staging zone.  Please try to maintain social distancing while you are waiting in any of the zones.


We will have podiums but will space them out. I will lay your medal on your podium so you can grab it. If you don't want to stand on the podium, then I will gladly present you the medal after the race.


Most of the park bathrooms will be open and I will make sure they have disinfectant soap available at the sinks.  If not, we will make arrangements to have port-a-jons onsite with hand cleaner available.

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