1. Series Number Plate:  Some of the races this year will be chip-timed.  You will be given a number plate with a chip on the back of it.  If you lose or forget your plate you will be charged $10 for a replacement.  Don't lose your number plate.

  2. Series Prizes:  We count your best 8 races to qualify for overall series prizes.

  3. Series Points: The series points will be, starting from first to the very last position, 31, 27, 24, 20, 16, 12, 8, 4, 2, 2, 2, etc.

  4. State Championships: All races in the series are USAC Regional Qualifiers.  You must be a resident of the State for each respective State Championship to qualify.  Scoring for the championships will be separate from the series scoring.

  5. Team Competition:  The best 6 finishers on a team will be scored towards our team competition each race.  Each team must have at least 1 female racer to count for overall team points.  She can be a beginner, sport or expert racer.  If you only have 2-5 racers, you still get team points each race.  Team racers must fill out their online registration using the exact spelling as other team racers and the same spelling each week or you may not be scored correctly.  For example, make sure everyone uses J.A. King MTB Racing or JA King MTB Racing, but not both.

  6. Feed Zones: There are open feed zones at all races unless the race promoter deems otherwise.  Check with each promoter for clarification.

  7. Mechanical Issues: You must start and finish on the same bike.  If you have a mechanical and leave the course you must return to the course where you left it.

  8. Lost Riders: If you miss a turn and cut the course you will be disqualified.  Riders are responsible for knowing the course.  Check with race promoters about course maps and descriptions.

  9. DNFs:  If you have to quit a race for any reason, please let the scoring crew know so we don't go searching the course for you.

  10. USAC Rule Book:  Click here for the USA Cycling Rule Book

  11. NO REFUNDS  No refunds are given unless a race is canceled!

XC M 19-29 Pro/Cat 1
XC M 30-39 Cat 1
XC M 40-99 Cat 1
XC F 19-99 Pro/Cat 1
XC M 19-39 Cat 2
XC M 40-49 Cat 2

XC 50-99 Cat 1/2/3
XC F Cat 2
XC Clydesdale Cat 1/2/3
XC Singlespeed Cat 1/2/3
XC M 19-39 Cat 3
XC M 40-49 Cat 3
XC M 50+ Cat 3
XC F Cat 3                    
XC M Juniors 15-18 Cat 3
XC M Juniors 12-14 Cat 3
XC F Juniors 12-18 Cat 3         
XC Juniors 11 Under Cat 3 (M/F Combined)

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